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Santa fe Immigration Exam

Immigrants seeking a change in status are required to undergo Immigration Medical Exam. Dr. Kurt Kastendieck has been a USCIS designated Civil Surgeon for more than 10 years and can help with your examination needs.

What the exam includes:

  • Review of medical history and exam
  • Testing for Tuberculosis (blood test)
  • Testing for sexually transmitted diseases (syphilis and gonorrhea)
  • Review needed vaccinations
  • Completion Form I-693

Laboratory tests required by USCIS:

  • Tuberculosis (required for all patients over 2 years of age)
  • Syphilis (required for all patients over 15 years of age)
  • Gonorrhea (required for all patients over 15 years of age)
  • Antibody testing for Varicella and MMR may be done for proof of disease or vaccination, if negative, will require vaccination.

Vaccines you may need:

  • MMR
  • TDaP
  • Varicella (unless you have a history of chickenpox)
  • Pneumonia (if 65 yo or older)
  • If under 18 years old, appropriate childhood vaccines
  • Influenza October 1- March 31
  • Covid (full vaccination)

What to bring to your exam:

  • Photo ID
  • any vaccination records
  • Lab results of the above test if performed in the last year.

What to expect:

Most patients will require two visits, so please plan on this. Your first visit will take approximately 30 minutes and includes filling out paperwork, exam and possible vaccinations. You will be provided with a Laboratory order to get necessary blood work at a local lab (discount given for self pay). Lab results are ready in less than a week, typically 3-4 days. On your second visit, labs will be reviewed and Form I-693 will be completed. You will sign the form on this visit. If any other vaccinations or testing is needed, we are usually able to complete the process in the same day. You will be provided with the original Form I-693 in a sealed and signed envelop as well as a copy.


Immigration Exam $200
TdaP $65
MMR $100

If other vaccinations are needed (ex Varicella), they may be obtained at a local nearby pharmacy

Laboratory Testing Typically done:

Tuberculosis (blood test) $120
Syphilis $20
Gonorrhea $50
Influenza Vaccine $25

If needed, Antibody testing for Measles ($20) or Varicella ($20)

Laboratory test cost are to be paid directly to the Lab.

Laboratory prices are approximate only, may vary by lab.